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Attendance Policy


Attendance/Absence policy 



Attendance/ Absence

Attendance records will be monitored regularly. This attendance policy supports should be used in line with our safeguarding policy if a child’s attendance is becoming a concern. 

  • We will inform parents about this process.
  • Ensure children are signed in/ recorded on the registers promptly.
  • Manager will listen to absence calls, read absence emails.
  • Bring together registers, lates, absence calls - produce the list of children absent with no explanation (we will double check in rooms before we start calling).
  • We will then start first day calling for children absent without explanation; we will call everyone on the contact list until we get an answer. We will leave messages if there is a voicemail option. However, we will not leave it at that.
  • We might get an overseas ring tone and consider if the family are taking a holiday, they haven't informed us about?
  • We will call the contact list at least twice.
  • By this stage, if we have a good contact list (4 numbers minimum) we probably have a reply.
  • If we have been unsuccessful at receiving a reply, we will consider whether any children have additional agency support, such as a social worker, and we will contact them. 
  • We will explore any internal intelligence within the provision to find out if anyone knows the family.
  • Make a prompt home visit.
  • If we cannot get an answer, we will refer immediately to Hounslow Children's services Front Door/ Police and request a welfare call (if we can see family inside the home avoiding our knock, we will not refer - unless we think the children are at risk of significant harm).